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The Becoming Series

Lyn's story is a coming of age story about a girl finding out who and what she is in a world where the 'what' is just as important as the 'who.' She shares the spotlight with her BFF Umiko, Umiko's crush, a hero who has a crush on her, and a bully who might share the same trait. 

With her only link to humanity gone, Lyn must tame the predator inside her or risk becoming what she hates most.

Creatures are out in the world, and in Cedar Oaks they outnumber the humans.

After the death of her mother, Lyn Davis, a sophomore in high school, should be taking care of herself. Except she can’t even stand up to the school bully. She is faced with the choice of making a new life with the nosy neighbor across the street, whom she doesn’t trust, or finding the man who walked out on her mother the day she was born.

Together with her best friend, who is convinced that Lyn is more than simply human, Lyn has forty-eight hours to find out who her father is or have the choice taken away from her.

But when solving one problem leads to a dangerous discovery, Lyn is forced to turn to an unlikely ally and decide what it means to be Becoming Creature.

Becoming a creature made her dangerous. Becoming more could turn her into someone else’s weapon.

Plagued by nightmares, Lyn really needs a full night’s sleep and to come to terms with being one of the top three predators in a world where creatures exist in the open. 

But when her boyfriend teams up with her bully and forces her to acknowledge both sides of her parentage, Lyn realizes she’s more than just a predator and it might cost her freedom.

Something intelligent is watching Lyn from the shadows, and it won’t stop with watching.

Lyn’s luck with family has sucked since her adoptive mom died and now is no exception. She briefly met her bio mom before the woman disappeared to Faerie. Her changeling sister is happy with her new family. And the only clue Lyn has about her father is too vague to find him, even if she wanted to.

When a new guy moves in next door at the same time something starts stalking the shadows around Lyn’s house, the only family she can count on is the one she chose. Can she use her newly honed shifter skills to figure out what the new guy is hiding? Can her mismatched pack figure out why she’s being targeted before the worst happens?

Becoming Wyld might prove deadly.

Works in Stasis

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