Jennifer L. Moore


Becoming Wyld

Becoming Creature Book 3

Something intelligent is watching Lyn from the shadows, and it won’t stop with watching.

Lyn’s luck with family has sucked since her adoptive mom died and now is no exception. She briefly met her bio mom before the woman disappeared to Faerie. Her changeling sister is happy with her new family. And the only clue Lyn has about her father is too vague to find him, even if she wanted to.

When a new guy moves in next door at the same time something starts stalking the shadows around Lyn’s house, the only family she can count on is the one she chose. Can she use her newly honed shifter skills to figure out what the new guy is hiding? Can her mismatched pack figure out why she’s being targeted before the worst happens?

Becoming Wyld might prove deadly.

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“Every secret of a writer’s soul, every experience of his life, every quality of his mind, is written large in his works.”

- Virginia Woolf

About the Author

I am a dreamer at heart. A creator of things. I have lived a thousand lives and plan to live a thousand more. My favorite places are in the stories I read and those I write. I believe in magic, and the power of ice cream. I write to entertain. I write to share truths. I write because I can't do otherwise.

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